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For the following pages, which I 
have been gathering since 1901, I am 
much indebted to my cousin, Margaret 
Hancock ; to my brother, Robert 
CoARD Tucker ; and to others interested 
in the separate families. 


.1^ FROUDE. 






Robert Froud (or Ffroud), baptised a 


Elizabeth=A. Wyse. 
I Ford Abbey* 

Sou M.P. for Totncs. 

Mary Ashford. 

William Hurrell. 

Richard Hurrell. 
B. 1803. D. 1836. 

Robert Hurrelt 
B. 1804 D. 1828. 

Johu Sp 
B. 1807 

Harriet=Rev. J. Radford. 
B. 1770. 

Marv^W. Hanc 
D. 1819. t D. 185^ 


" We find the race numerous and active and 
settled chiefly about Kingston and Modbury, 
where in the year of Culloden, Richard 
HuRRELL, Gentleman, was Married to Mistress 
Phillis Collix^s. 

" Their daughter, Phillis Hurrell, became 
the wife of Robert fp^roud of Walkhampton, 
3rd son of John, to whom descended the 
Modbury Manors of Edme^toneand Gutsford ; 
these two lived at Aveton Giffard, and are 
buried there in the Parish Church, where 
their Monuments still exist. 

" ' Robert Froud,' Armiger, died young, 
four years after his marriage (in 1770), which 
had for issue one son and three daughters. 

" Phillis, the widow, a person of strong 
character, lived on for 66 years longer and 
saw. the grave opened, or opening, for nearly 
all her brilliant and fated grandchildren. 

" Her children, left fatherless in 1770, were 
Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth, her son 
Robert Hurrell was a posthumous child. 

" The latter was to rise to more than local 
eminence, known throughout an exceptionally 
long life as Rector of Dartington and Arch- 
deacon of Totnes. He came from Denbury, 
of which he was already Incumbent, to his 
new Parish at Dartington in 1799." Died 1859. 

From a paper oti the Froudes, or Froivdes, of Devon, in the 
Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association, 1892, 
by the Rev. R. E. Renfell. ' 


Through Eight Generations to 

Rni<i.tiT Fuoiiu (ur Fkhoud) banlised .it Kiiii'sloii 1675, succfcckd Ins Fiilher in his Estates 1707, marriitl iirst Elizabeth Kingston, of Modbiuy, at Ermington 1699, who was buried at Kingston 1702 ; second, El.lZABE 
' , Bought Edmestoiie, in Modbury parish, and «ent lo live there apparently about 1724 ; buried Kingston 1738 ; Will 1738. 

t Frouds or ffioud=l. EUmhuth Kingston, 2. Blizabolh Aj->liford, 
I of Modbury. ot Kinsston. 

Eli.iabetli. James. Jolin^ -E 

d"'i718. ' ' d' 1712; d' 175(i: 

D. 17G1. B. 1716. 

Roborl.=Mnry Holds 
'ill, 1751. 17.1.5. 

I Ford Abbey.* 

William Huiroll. 

Marparct ABlitord=Rov. W. MaUock. 

t. Mary. ArmiliJli=E. Finlay. 

=Margavot Speddiog:. 
I D, 1821. 

tticliard HuircU. Rol.url Horroir .I..lm Sj«ddiiiE. 

Pliyllia Jaiie=T. S. Sliwldins;. Will 

Harriol=Rov. J. 

=F. F\lili. Aune Gedwin^H. Bawdcn. Faimy Walroud. Marthd Legassii 

. D. 1857. 

iou9e William of Oraogo slept after landing at Brixbam, 1686. i See Hancock tree. 

0. 1852. 

Last vonreaontativo 
ot tbi. brand, of 
the Froudo Fiimily, 


" We find the race numerous and active and 
settled chiefly about Kingston and Modburv, 
where in the year of CuUoden, Richard 
HuRKELL, Gentleman, was Married to Mistress 
Phillis Collin^s. 

" Their daughter, Phillis Hurrell, became 
the wife of Robert ffroud of Walkhampton, 
3rd son of John, to whom descended the 
Modbury Manors of Edme^toneand Gutsford ; 
these two lived at Aveton Gift'ard, and are 
buried there in the Parish Church, where 
their Monuments still exist. 

" ' Robert Froud,' Armiger, died young, 
four years after his marriage (in 1770), which 
had for issue one son and three daughters. 

" Phillis, the widow, a person of strong 
character, lived on for 66 years longer and 
saw. the grave opened, or opening, for nearly 
all her brilliant and fated grandchildren. 

" Her children, left fatherless in 1770, were 
Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth, her son 
Robert Hurrell was a posthumous child. 

" The latter was to rise to more than local 
eminence, known throughout an exceptionally 
long life as Rector of Dartington and Arch- 
deacon of Totnes. He came from Denbury, 
of which he was already Incumbent, to his 
new Parish at Dartington in 1799." Died 1859. 

From a paper on the Frondes, or Frowdes, of Devon, in the 
Reports and Transactions of the Devonshire Association, 1892, 
by the Rev. R. E. Renfell. ' 


Maternal Ancestors of Phillis Fkoude. 
Ambrose Rhodes, son of Blanche Hamlyn 
and John Rhodes, who, in strong presumptive 
evidence, is supposed to have been identical 
with John Rhodes, of Horbury, the disin- 
herited son of John Rhodes, Knight, of Barl- 
borough, was educated at VVurtenburg, and 
took the Degree of M.D., 1638, but was im- 
prisoned for political reasons and died in 
prison. His son, Ambrose Rhodes, came to 
England and took possession of a small patri- 
mony at Modbury and practised as a Physician. 
He died in 1684. He married, first, Elizabeth 
Baker, in 1663, and, second, Juliana Prest- 
wooD, in 1667, daughter of Thomas Prest- 
WOOD, and left one son and one daughter. 

1, Ambrose. 2, Alice, who married R. 
Collins, of Modbury, and had an only 
daughter, Phillis. 

Phillis Collins married R. Hurrell, of 
Totnes, in 1745, and left one daughter, Phillis, 
who married Thomas Froude, and was 
mother of Archdeacon Robert Hurrell 
Froude, Elizabeth and Margaret Froude. 
They were grandparents of the Historian 
Froude, who died in 1894. 

Venerable the Archdeacon of Totnes, Devon, 
married Margaret Spedding — she died 1821 
— and had eight children ; live died early. 

1. Richard Hurrell. 

2. James Anthony Froude, Author and 

Historian, died Oct., 1894. 

3. Elizabeth, married John Wise, of 

Ford Abjeey, near Newton Abbott*. 

*In this House "William of Oranyo slept after landing at 
Brixham, 1688. 

Wyse, had one son. 

married Rev. W. Mallock, of Brampford 
Speke, Devon, had three sons and one daughter. 
He died 1886. She died 1883. 

1. Son, William Hurrell, Author and 


2. Margaret Mary. 

3. Arxulph, married E. FiNLAY, 1904. 

The name is probably derived from a place 
in Kent called Erode, which existed in the 13th 
century. The place-name Erode dated back 
probably to British times. In the Celtic lan- 
guage Ffrwd signifies a rushing stream. 

A remarkable branch of the family was dis- 
tinguished in the Parliamentary Wars, and 
afterwards in the reigns of Charles II., James II., 
Anne, and the early Georges. 

In Bath Abbey Church there is a mural 
monument to the memory of Sir Philip Erowde, 
Kt., who died August 6th, 1647, leaving four 
sons and one daughter by his second wife, 
Margaret, daughter of Sir John Brian O'Neile, 
and, by his third wife, daughter of Sir John 
Ashburnham, also Margaret. He had a Lease 
of the Post Office. Philip was born in 1648, 
succeeded him, and became Postmaster-General. 
Was Colonel Philip Erowde. His son, Philip, 
was a pupil and friend of Addison's. 

In the reign of Elizabeth there were Erowdes 
in Wilts, and, earlier still, a John Erode was 
connected, as a Clerk in Holy Orders, both 
with Somerset and Devon. In 27th Henry 
VIII., the Rectory of Heytesbury was held by 
Edward Erode, who also held the Rectory of 
Saint Edmund's, Salisbury, in 1663. This same 
Edward Erode appears to have been the founder 


of the Frowd's Almshouses in Bedwin Street, 
Sahsbury, still existing, and his portrait still 
hangs in the Vestry of Saint Edmund's Church. 
In 1783, Susan, second daughter of James 
Frowde, Esquire, of Knoyle, Wilts, married 
Edward Pellew, first Lord Exmouth. 

Copied from Bible belonging to MARTHA 
Legassicke Fkoude, now in the possession of 
Robert Coard Tucker, of Ashburton, who 
was her Residuary Legatee. (1832 date of 


" The Froude Family Estate was at Kingston, 
Devon, where James Froude, Esqre., resided, 
using the Coat of Arms and Crest, since the 
year of our Lord, 1545, which is now borne by 
the representatives of the family, the Venerable 
Archdeacox Froude, of Dartington, Totnes, 
whose Grandfather purchased '' Edmestone" 
as a Residence in 1703, and left two sons, 
the Archdeacon's father being the elder, and 
the Rev. John Froude, sen., Vicar of Know- 
stone and Molland, the younger, who died 
September 26th, 1803, aged 63, buried in 
Knowstone Church. Prestwood Love, his 
wife, died October 12th, 1823, and was buried 
in the same vault. 

" Margaret Ashweeke (9th daughter), wife 
of Nathaniel Poole Leigh, Esq., died 
August 18th, 1806, aged 21. Buried at Know- 
stone in the same vault. 

" Mary (2nd daughter), wife of Mr. William 
Hancock, Brewer and Banker, died at Wivelis- 
combe March 21st, 1819, buried in the Cata- 
combes, Wiveliscombe. 

" Elizabeth (-Ith daughter), widow of Captain 
GOODCHILD, died June 6th, 1831, buried at 
Knowstone, same vault. 

" Harriett Prestwood (eldest daughter), 
widow of the Rev. John Radford, Rector of 
Lapford and Nymet Roland, died September 
7th, 1835, buried at Knowstone, same vault. 

" Katherine, died 1787, also Caroline, died 
1789, infant daughters, buried near the Altar at 
Knowstone Church. 

" Rev. John Froude, jun., died December 
9th, 1852, aged 75, and was buried in a new 
vault in Knowstone Church, adjoining his 
father's vault. 

" Isabella (5th daughter), relict of George 
Fitche, of Derby, died April 24th, 1856, and 
was buried in her vault in the new Cemetery 
on the Uttoxeter Road. 

" Prestwood Love (3rd daughter), widow of 
William Bellew, Esq., of Stockleigh Court, 
North Devon, died February 2nd, 1854, and 
was buried in their vault at Stockleigh. 

" Frances Walrond (7th daughter), died 
February 2nd, 1857, and was buried in the old 
vault at Knowstone Church, aged 75 years. 

" 1803.— The Froude family Estate is Edme- 
stone in Modbury and Kingston, of earlier 
date, and later, Buckland 

"The Rev. John Froude, Vicar of Knowstone 
and MoUand, died September 6th, 1803, and 
was buried at Knowstone." 


From whom, first, JOHN (of whom pre- 
sently) ; second, a daughter, who married 
Admiral GiDWix ; and third, GEORGE, who 
died unmarried. 

JOHN, eldest son, married ASHWEEKE, 

and had five children. 

1. James, Surgeon in the Royal Navy, 
drowned at sea (lost in the *' Glorieux/' 
September 22nd, 1782).* 

2. Harry, of Ringwood, near Modbury, 
died unmarried. 

3. Mary, married Captain Crespin, R.N. 

4. Prestwood Love, married the Rev. 
John Froude. 

5. Betsy, married Mr. Painting. (?) 
These three daughters became co-heiresses 

and representatives of the family of Legassicke 
by the death of their uncle, George, and their 
two brothers, James and Harry, who died un- 

A member of the Legassicke family still lives 
at Lympstone, Miss Susan Legassicke Perring. 
The Perrings were originally a Modbury family. 
Miss Perring is a daughter of Sir Philip Perring, 
who died in 1866. 

* Prestwood Love Legassicke, then Mrs. John Froude, was 
staying at Mr. Hancock's, at Ford, at the time her brother 
James was drowned, some months before his death was 
heard of, and she di-eamt that she saw him clinging to a spar 
with drenched hair and on the point of sinking. This 
dream proved to have occiu-red on the night of his death. 

A memorial gold ring came to the possession of L.M.S. of 
James Legassicke, who has given it to her eldest daughter, 
L. M. Carver. The inscription on the ring is " James 
Legassicke, Surgeon, lost in the Glorieiix, Sep. 22nd, 1782." 

The " Glorieux " was one of the French ships captured by- 
Lord Eodney, Admiral, when he conquered the West Indies 
in 1781. 

Prestwood of North Huish. — George Prest- 
wood, whose daughter, EHzabeth, married 
Ambrose Rhodes, of Modbury, in 1703, is 
mentioned in Prince's " Worthies of Devon " 
as " George Prestwood, Sheriff of the County, 
1692, whose ancestor several generations back 
transplanted himself from Worcestershire, where 
the present gentleman possesses still a fair 
paternal Estate." 

My great-grandmother, Mrs. John Fronde, formerly 
Prestwood Love Legassicke, was at a ball at Exeter when 
she met a gentleman who paid her great attention and 
danced much with her. He became so enamovired of her 
that at the end of the evening he made her a proposal of 
marriage. She told him she could not accept the offer, 
though much flattered by it, and, npon his pressing his suit, 
she said she had twelve objections to him. On his inquir- 
ing if they could not be removed, she invited him to call 
the following morning, when she would tell him what they 
were. He did so, and was introduced to her husband and 
eleven children ! (L.M.S.) 


(From Burke's Herald's Visitations, circa 1860 ?) 

" Stockleigh Court, Devon, is the seat of 
John Prestwood Bellew, Esquire, the represen- 
tative of one of the oldest families in the King- 
dom, derived by direct male descent from the 
Norman De Bellaire, or De Bella Acqua, whose 
name appears in the Roll of Battle Abbey. At 
an early period a line became established in 
Ireland, and in the time of Edward IV., John 
Bellewe, of Bellewstown, marrying the co-heiress 
of Fleming, of Bratton Fleming, acquired a 
considerable Estate in Devonshire and founded 
the family, which continued to live at Ash 
Rogers in that Shire until the reign of Eliza- 
beth, when William Bellew, father of the first 
possessor of Stockleigh Court, joined with his 
eldest son, Richard (who afterwards moved into 
Lincolnshire) in alienating Ash to the Earl of 
Bath. The old Mansion at Stockleigh Court 
was pulled down, and a new building erected 
on its site by the late William Bellew, Esq., 
father of the present possessor," John Bellew 

N.B. by L. M. S.— William Bellew married my great 
aunt, Prestwood Love Froude. John Prestwood Bellew 
married my aunt, and his first cousin, Mary Ann Hancock. 

BELLEW held five children. 

1. Louisa Amy, who married Edward 
Pain, and had one son and one 

2. JOHX Prestwood, married Mary Axx 
Haxcock, first cousin, and had six 

3. Hexry, married Mary Bawdex, first 
cousin, and had one son and one 

4. Frances, died unmarried. 

5. Carolixe, died unmarried ; became 
Countess Bellew. 

HENRY, only son of HENRY and MARY 
BELLEW, married Ada, widow of Bexjamin 
Boucher, of Wiveliscombe, nee Llewellyn, 
and has one son and one daughter. He died 

1. Mary, married Captain NORTOX, 1909, 
15th Hussars. 

2. Froude, sole male representative of 
the Devon family of Bellew ; Somerset 
Regiment, 1907.' 


Mary. Dorol 

B. i: 

Philip=Frances Mogridg( 
B.J 767. B. 1774. M. 180S 
D. 1838. D. 1858. 

W. Wasliiii'^tou Fraucis=M.. E. Read. 

B. 185/ 



The Hancocks, of Lydeaid St. Lawrence, 
held large freehold property in the neighbour- 
hood, in the parishes of Ashe Priors, Stockland 
Gaylands, Milverton, Nether Stowey, &c., and 
Estate Pilbeer, originally part of the Manor of 
Lydeard St. Lawrence. This Manor was 
bought of the ancient family of Periam by 
Philip Haxcock (IL). There are receipts of 
rent existing in the writing of Philip (L), of 
Hoccombe, dated 1714, 1715, 1716, paid by 
W. Sellick for the part of the Manor of 
Brompton Ralph, then belonging to him. 

Meinoraiicliiin made by Philip Hancock, of 

" I was married in Taunton Martin (St. 
Mary Magdalen's) the 14th day of April, 1709." 
My Sonne's ages are as under. 

My Sonne John was borne the 19 Aprill, 

My Sonne Philip was borne the 27th July, 

My sone William was borne the 31 Julv, 

* PHILIP HAXCOCK (I.), of Hoccombe, in 
Lydeard St. Lawrence, married Mary Mitchell, 
Wiveliscombe, on April 14th, 1709, and had 
three sons. 

t 1. JOHX, afterwards of Ford, born 1712. 

2. Philip (II.), of Lydeard St. Lawrence, 
born 1714. 

3. William, of Salisbury, born 1715. 

* My great, great, great grandparents, P. Hancock and 
Mary Mitchell.— L.M.S. 

t John Hancock was a man of large property, biit, as it 
was all leasehold, it gradually fell away. 

John was my great, great grandfather.— L.M.y. 

The name of Hancocke appears in the Register of Lydeard St. 
Plulip Hftn^-ock=aiary Mitchell in 170il. 


Ham of Salisbury, M.D.=— Doiico. 
B. 1715. I D. 1785. 

Dnrotliy. • PliiliplMarj Cnjc-kir. 
U. 1737. B. 1739. 

Maria=S. Eoljinson. M.D. Elina Do. 

D. 1827. 
1 ill Salisbury Oatbodral. 

lil,=Fran.»8 Moeri.ln... H.i 

riiiliii=rran™8 Moitri.l 
H. 17li7. B, 1774 ^t: 18 

, AnD=J. BoUew. LanfcsR. Tuittr. William=Mary Sweet Escolt. Jol.u. 

1808. B. 1810. B. 1802. B. 1812, I Died nnmar 

IKOO. D. 1811. D. 1893. D. 1896. 1881. 

. i'iouao=TioIel 

I D. 1!I07. 
Charles. Williuiil, Slepbci 

=A. Rico. Cliarlos L.=L. S. Escotl. E. Dauliiiuey=P. Baring Gould. W. llliert=D. S. Escolt. 

I I M. 1909. I 

Ayliffo ialomo. 
B. 1900. 


The Hancocks, of Lydeard St. Lawrence, 
held large freehold property in the neighbour- 
hood, in the parishes of Ashe Priors, Stockland 
Gaylands, Milverton, Nether Stowey, &c., and 
Estate Pilbeer, originally part of the Manor of 
Lydeard St. Lawrence. This Manor was 
bought of the ancient family of Periam by 
Philip Hancock (II.). There are receipts of 
rent existing in the writing of Philip (I.), of 
Hoccombe, dated 1714, 1715, 1716, paid by 
W. Sellick for the part of the Manor of 
Brompton Ralph, then belonging to him. 

Menior audit in made by Philip Hancock, of 

" I was married in Taunton Martin (St. 
Mary Magdalen's) the 14th day of April, 1709." 
My Sonne's ages are as under. 

My Sonne John was borne the 19 Aprill, 

My Sonne Philip was borne the 27th July, 

Mv sone William was borne the 31 July, 

* PHILIP HANCOCK (I.), of Hoccombe, in 
Lydeard St. Lawrence, married Mary Mitchell, 
Wiveliscombe, on April 14th, 1709, and had 
three sons. 

t 1. JOHX, afterwards of Ford, born 1712. 

2. Philip (II.), of Lydeard St. Lawrence, 
born 1714. 

3. William, of Salisbury, born 1715. 

* My great, great, great grandparents, P. Hancock and 
Mary Mitchell.— L.M.S. 

t John Hancock was a man of large property, but, as it 
Avas all leasehold, it gradually fell away. 

John was my great, great grandfather. — L.M.S. 

Ford was Copyhold property, held under 
the Dean and Chapter of Wells till 1832, when 
it was enfranchised by Philip (IV.) 

Philip (II.) bought die Manor of Lydeard St. 
Lawrence, which was afterwards held jointly 
bv his sons, Philip and Robert. 

"Among the inhabitants of the tything of 
Wivelisconibe whose names appear in the lay 
subsidy Roll of the 34th of the Reign of 
Henry VIII., A.D. 1542, are Richard Hancock 
and Walter Yea." (A. J. Munday). 

JOHN HANCOCK, of Ford, eldest son of 
Philip Hancock and Mary Mitchell. Born 
1712, died at Ford, 1795, married Elizabeth 
Rich, of Riches Holford. Had seven 

1. Mary, married Thomas Boucher, of 

2. Dorothy, born 1737, married Wm. 
Gore, of Wiveliscombe. 

3. Philip (III.), born 1739, married Mary 

4. John, born 1742, married Sarah 
Hancock, of L. St. Lawrence. 

5. Henry, born 1745, married Ann 
Hancock, of Halsc. 

6. Betty, born 1749, married James 
Blake, of Wiveliscombe. 

7. William, born 1753, married Jane 

* PHILIP (III.), married Maky Crocker,** 
and had six children. 

1. Philip, horn 1767, married, first, 
Lavinia Stevexs, second Frances 
MOGRIDGE, and had one son, Philip. 
t2. Henry, married twice in America. 

3. JOHX, married Craweord, of 


:!:4. William, born 1769, married Mary 

Froude, of Knowstone. 
5. Elizabeth, born 1763, married W. 

Good, of Huish ; had two daughters, 

Mary and Elizabeth. Elizabeth 

married J. GUPPY. 
§6. Mary, born 1765, died unmarried. 

PHILIP HANCOCK (IV.), of Ford, eldest 
son of Philip Hancock and Mary Crocker, 
was born in 1767, and married the 19th of 
November, 1795, to Lavinia, the only child 
of Abraham Stevens, of Nether Stowey, 
Attorney at Law. She died 19th of November, 
1796. Philip married, secondly, April 8th, 
1808, Frances, the only child of the Rev. J. 
Mogridge, Vicar of Holne and Coombein- 
teignhead, and left one son, Philip. Died 
April 19th, 1838. She died 17th May, 1858. 

* Philip III., my great grandfather. — L.M.S. 

** " The Crewyses, Copplestones and Crockers were at 
home when the Conqueror came." 

t Henry Hancock's grandson. Dr. Campbell, came to 
Ford Wiveliscombe in 1858 to make inquiries about his 
father's family. 

I My grandfather.— L.M.S. 
§ My great aiint, Mary, who kept house for my grand- 
father, William Hancock, when I was a little child, Died 
about 1846.— L.M.S. 

PHILIP (V.), born January 11th, 1809 
married, St. Paul's, Covent Garden, A\x 
Blake, only child of Robert Haxxock, of 
Lydeard St. Lawrence, and had fourteen 

1. Philip Karslake, died in infancy. 

2. Philip Karslake, died unmarried. 

3. Robert Ivesox. 

4. Frances Jaxe, died young. 

5. Walter AIogridge, died young. 

6. Edward Bellew, died on the day he 
was to have been married to Miss 
WooDHorsE, sister of Baptista (see 

7. Margaret Froude. 

8. Mary Grace, died in infancy. 

9. George, died young. 

10. Elizabeth. 

11. Speed, died young. 

12. Frederick, married Baptista Wood- 
house, and had seven children. 

13. Fraxxes Mary, died young. 

14. Arthur, died young. 

married the 11th of August, 1874, to Baptista 
Josephine Wilson Woodhouse, and had 
seven children. 

1. Agnes Edwardine Brewster, mar- 
ried, 1906, to Horace, son of Sir 
Horace Walpole. 

2. Philip Woodhouse Percival. 

3. Calverley Trevelyan, killed at Beth- 
lehem, July 17th, 1900. Oxford Uni- 
versity Volunteers, in the South African 
War, aged 21. Went from Christ 
Church, Oxford. 

4. Baptista Maryon. 

5. Frederick Willoughby. 

6. Marmaduke Theakstone. 

7. Walter Raleigh. 


HANCOCK, of Lydeard St. Lawrence; 
Philip (II.), second son of P. Hancock and 
Mary Mitchell. 

Philip Hancock married Jane Blake, * 
of Milverton, and had six children. 

1. Philip, married Elizabeth Rich. 

2. Robert, married F. Skinner, of Ash 

3. AxNE, married, first, George Rich ; 
second, James Brewer. 

4. Sarah, married JOHN Hancock, of 

5. Betty. 

6. Matilda. 

PHILIP married Elizabeth Rich, had 
four children. 

fl. Abraham, married Betty Westcott. 

2. Robert, married, first, Mary Sully ; 
second, one of the daughters of Anne 
Hancock by her second husband, 
Jacob Brewer.]: 

3. Isaac, died unmarried, September 2nd. 

4. Anne, died unmarried, January 13th, 

Anne Blake Hancock, daughter of Robert, 
married Philip Hancock, of Ford. 

The name of Hancock (and Hankoke) 
appears first in the Register of Lydeard St. 
Lawrence in 1573. The first time it was spelt 
with the " c" at Lydeard was in 1697, when 
" Elinor, wife of William Hancock," was 
buried at Lydeard. 

* Jane Blake -was a sister to Mrs. Spurway, whose son 
afterwards bought Spring Grove, Wiveliscombe. 

t Abraham was disinherited on account of his father's 
disapproval of his marriage, and the property went to the 
second son, Robert. 

X Left one daughter, Anne Blake, by second wife. He 
died, 1825. 


Dr. WILLIAM HANCOCK, of Salisbury, 
third son of Philip Hancock, of Hoccombe, 
and Mary Mitchell, was born July 31st, 
1715, and married — DoucE, daughter of John 
Douce, Esq., of Clarendon, Jamaica, and left 

1. Maria, married Dr. Robinson, died 

2. Eliza Douce, married William Moly- 
NBUX Marston, of Willenhall, Stafford. 

3. Fanny, born 1768, died 1817, married 
John Douce Garthwaite, of Shackle- 
ford, in Surrey, and left two sons, 
John Douce and Edward Hancock. 

4. A daughter married to Mr. FitzGerald 
of Salisbury. 

Dr. W. Hancock's wife died in 1785, and 
was buried at Salisbury. The following entry 

appears in the Register : — " (Douce ?), 

wife of Dr. William Hancock, was buried 
August 21st, 1785." Maria, eldest daughter, 
was buried at Salisbury Cathedral, and the 
following inscription is on the grave : — "Under 
this stone are interred the mortal remains of 
Maria, wife of Stephen Robinson, M.D., and 
daughter of the late William Hancock, M.D., 
of this Close. She died March 18th, 1827, 
aged 76." 

They lived in the house afterwards belonging to Mrs. 
Weigall (L.M.S., 1901). 


At the Heralds' Visitation, in 1623, of 
Somerset, the family of Hancocke resided at 
Stoke St. Gregory, Co. Somerset. Fulke 
Hancock, of Preston Bagot, in the County of 

Warwick, who married the heiress of 

BiCKERTON, Esq., in the County of Leicester, 
was the immediate ancestor of the Somerset 

Wills proved of the family of Haxcock, in 
the Taunton Archidiaconal Court. 

1616. — Elinor Hancock, Fiddington. 
1604. — John and Maria Hancock, 

1638. — Thomasine Hancock, Bridgwater^ 
1643.— Richard Hancocke, Cruch St. 

1694. — Hugh Hancock, Wiveliscombe. 

1696. — Abraham Hancocke and John 
Hancock, Halse. 

1626. — Richard Hancock, Otterhampton. 

1695. — John Hancock, Luxburrow. 



WILLIAM HANCOCK, of Combe Martin, 
Devon, whose Arms are registered in the 
Heralds' College, at the visitation of 1564, is 
there stated to have been married twice, 
first, to a daughter of John de Gaunt, of 
Lambert Castle, Dorsetshire, by whom he had 
one daughter, Petronella, and secondly, to 
Jane, daughter and heiress to Edward Batche, 
of Kentisbury, by whom he had three children. 

1. Edward, married Dorothy, daughter 
of Sir Amyas Bampfyle. They had one 
son and heir, aged 14, in 1613. 

2. Jane, married to Edward Parmytter, 
of Ilfracombe. 

3. Elizabeth, married to Henry Pres- 

The Crest was granted in 1588, demi Griffin, 
erased, &c., to Edward Hancock, and his 
Arms are thus registered. — " Hancock, — 
Batchewolfe. — " 

Henry Hancocke married Dorothy Bamp- 
FYLDE, of Poltimore, who survived him, and 
afterwards she married Judge Dodderidge, 
She was Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth. 
Her tomb is in the Lady Chapel of Exeter 
Cathedral. Edward Hancocke was Recorder 
of the City of Exeter. 

In Combe Martin Church, Devon, there is a 
brass with the following inscription on it : — 
" William Hancock, Gentleman, formerly an 
inhabitant of this parish, in firm Christian 
faith and certain hope of living again for ever 
in Heaven, departed this life on the 4th day of 
February, A.D. 1587, and was buried the 19th 
of the same month, leaving three daughters 
and one son." 

The name of "Petronella" occurs in the Wiveliscombe 
Eegister. John Hancock who lived at Ford, in 1795, 
used a seal on which were the Arms described on the first 
quarterings alone, and the Crest, a demi Griffin, erased. 


In the same Church is a monument to the 
memory of Judith, wife of William Hancock, 
"with an efhgy the size of life, exquisitely and 
elaborately sculptured in white marble. It 
bears the date, 1634. Dame Hancock is re- 
presented in the dress of that time, covered 
with point lace and looped with knots of 
riband. She has a pearl necklace round her 
neck, and her hair in curls, and bears some 
resemblance to the portraits of Henrietta 
Maria." (Devon Guide Book). 

It bears the following inscription : — 

" Memoria et amoris sacrum. Here lyeth 
the body of Judith, wife of William Hancock, 
Lord of the Manor, by whom she had issue 
John and Anna. She married, secondly, 
Thomas Ivatt, His Majesty's Principal Searcher 
in the Port of London, at whose cost this 
monument was erected. She had issue by 
him Thomas and Judith Ivatt. She departed 
this hfe March 28, 1634, aged 26." 
'' Grace, meekness, love, religion, modesty. 

Seemed in this mirror of her sex to die ; 
For her soul's lover, in her life did give 

To her, as many virtues as could live, 
And this bestowed by Heavenly art, 

Earth claimed her body, Heaven her better 

Judith Hancock (afterwards Ivatt) was 
originally named Newman, and she was the 
daughter of — Newman, a London Goldsmith. 

The remains of a Park and Mansion formerly 
existed between Combe Martin Rectory and 
the Church. The Manor was bought by 
William Hancock, of Lord Martin, in the reign 
of Henry VIII., and passed out of the family 
through an heiress, who married Admiral Sir 
Charles Waager. (?) Thence to a daughter 
who married Sir William Watson, who left 
three daughters, who still own the Manor. 


Lady Watson lived at Combe Martin until 
her death, which occurred during the recollec- 
tion of the present Vicar, Rev.W. Jones (1898). 
* On a handsome black marble and gilt monu- 
ment in Torrington Church, Devon, is the 
following inscription : — 

" Memoria sacrum 

Judith iiliae Johannes Hancock, 

de Combe Martin, arminger 

Uxoris Henrici Stevens 

de Velstone, generosi, 

Quae obiit 6th Kal, 

7bris Anno Domini, 1676, 

^tatis suae 26 

In maestrus Possuit." 

Sacred to the memory of 
Judith, daughter of John Hancock, 
of Combe Martin, Esquire, wife of 

Henry Stevens, of Velstone, 

Gentleman, who died 27th day of 

July, A.D. 1676, Aged 26. 

Her sorrowful (or weeping) 

husband erected this." 

* This Judith is probably niece of William and Judith 
Hancock. — L.M.S. 

E.P.S. and L.M.S. were at Torrington in 1900, going there 
for the day in order to visit the place in which E P S.'s 
father, Eobert Squarey, lived as a young man before he 
came to Salisbury. Visiting the Church they found this 
monument, also one to the Vicary family, which, unfor- 
tunately, L.M.S. did not copy. 


* WILLI AM HANCOCK, born 1769, died 
1852, married Maky,* daughter of the Rev. 
JOHX Froude, of Knowstone cum Molland, 
and had four children. 

1. Mary Axx, born 1809, married 1827, 
first cousin, JOHX Prestwood Bellew, 
of Stockleigh Court. She died 1890. 

t2. Lavixia, born 1810, married 1828, 
Robert Tucker, of Ashburton. She 
died 1841 ; he died 1893, aged 90. 

3. William, married Mary Sweet 


4. JOHX, died, unmarried, 1881. Born 

* My grandparents, William and Mary Hancock 
above, were at a sale of furniture in the neighbour- 
hood of Wiveliscombe, in the village of Langford, when 
he took up a pistol which was lying on one of the tables. 
It was, unfoitunately, loaded, and went off. The bullet 
penetrated the lung of my grandmother, and in a few days 
afterwards she died. My aimt, Mary Ann Bellew, has told 
me that she and my mother werestayingat Ashburton with 
their grandmother, Mrs. Froude, when the news of the 
accident came. They were taken home to Wiveliscombe, 
and she remembers having been taken to her mother's room 
and seeing her there very iU. The accident took place on 
February 27th, and she died March 22nd, 1819.— L.M.S. 

t My mother, Lavinia, was married to Robert Tucker in 
1828 by the celebrated Rev. John Russell, generally called 
Jack Russell, the Sporting Parson, in a Barn at Wivelis- 
combe, where the service was held during the re-building 
of the Church. My aunt, Mary Ann, was married to John 
Prestwood Bellew in 1827, and removed a stone from the 
Porch of the old Church as she left it, to be pulled down. 
Her marriage was the last service held in the old Church at 


MARY AXN HANCOCK, married J. P. 
Bellew, and had six children. 

1. John Froude, born 1829, married 
Louisa Taylor, 1871, died 1891, had 
one daughter, Eveline P^roude. 

2. Louisa Philippa, born 1831. 

3. Fanny, married Henry Sweet 
Archer. Had one daughter. 

4. AlARY Ann Carrington, died, unmar- 
ried, in 1905. 

5. Camilla Prestwood, died unmarried. 

6. William Legassicke, died, unmarried, 
1901, aged 59. 

Louisa Taylor in 1871, had one daughter, 
Eveline Froude, born 1872. She married 
Sydney Nutcombe Quicke, 189 . He died 
189 , leaving one daughter, born , Svdney. 

John Froude Bellew inherited bv will a 
life interest in his great uncle's property, the 
Rev. John Froude, of Knowstone, in North 
and South Devon. On his death, m 1891, 
it passed to his younger brother, William 
Legassicke. He died, 1901, aged 59, leaving 
his property to Ernest Legassicke Hancock, 
his first cousin. 

*LAVINLA HANCOCK, married Robert 
Tucker, of Ashburton. She died in 1841. 
He died in 1893, aged 90. They had seven 
children ; two died in infancv. 

1. Lavinia Mary, married Elias Pitts 
Squarey, 1854. 

2. Robert Coard, married Katherine 
M. KiTSON, 1857. 

3. William, married Emma Johnston. 

4. Anne, married Edward Worthy. 

* Lavinia Hancock appears to have received her Christian 
name from Lavinia Stevens, who was the first wife of her 
uncle, Philip Hancock, of Ford. — L.M.S. 


5. Charles, married, first, Matilda 
Fredericka Hayter. She died 1897. 
Second, Mary Ellex O'Connell, 

SQUAKEY (first cousin once removed) had 
seven children. 

C. M. KiTSOX, 29th July, 1857, and had eight 

1. Katherixe Wixifred, born 1858. 

2. Robert Charles, born 1860, died 

3. Mariox, born 1862. 

4. Robert Edward, born 1863. 

5. Charles Cartwright, born 1865, died 

•6. Alax Plaskett, born 1866, died 1887,. 
aged 21. 

7. George Axdrew, born 1868. 

8. Froude, born 1872, died 1875. 

(4) ROBERT EDWARD, married Anxie 
Lloyd Williams in 1892, and have 

1. Alax Robert Lloyd, born 1894. 

2. Margaret Doris, born 1896. 

WRIGHT, married Charlotte Susaxxa 
Smith in 1898, and have 

l.|^ . Robix, born 1899, died 1900. 
2.r'''"'' Froude, born 1899. 


III. WILLIAM TUCKER, married Emma 
Johnson in 1869, and had four children. 

1. Alice Mary, born 187L 

2. William Hancock, born 1873, mar- 
ried Constance, daughter of Sir John 
Maclure, Bart., in 1899. 

3. Robert Ernest, born 1875. 

4. Richard Froude, born 1879. 

have one daughter, Enid Constance, born in 

IV. ANNE TUCKER, married Edward 
Worthy in 1867, and had four children. He 
was drowned at St. Raphaelo in 1894. 

1. Estelle, daughter, died young, born 

2. Violet Carrington, born 1871. 

3. Teesdale Edward Bramstead, born 
1869, married. 

4. Huyshe Melhuish Cathcart (clergy- 
man), 1873, died 1905. 

V. CHARLES TUCKER, married Matilda 
F. Hayter, She died in 1897. They had 
three children. 

1. Edith Augista Bekesford, born 
1866, married 189 , Harry Ward 

2. Leopold Hancock Bailey, born 1868, 
died, unmarried, in China, in 1899. 

3. Duncan Hayter P'roude, born 1870, 
married 1899, Ina Aveling Cunning- 


Charles married, secondly, Mary Ellen 
O'CONNELL in 1902. Commanded 7th Division 
in the Boer War in South Africa, 1900—1902. 
Created K.C.B., and promoted to Lieutenant- 
Generalin 1902. Created Knight Grand Cross 
of Victoria Order in 1905. Retired 1905. 

Edith Augusta Beresford and Harry 
Ward Oliver have one daughter, Leonie 
Frederica Ward, born in 1897. 

WILLIAM HANCOCK, married December, 
1856, Mary Sweet Escott. Had 13 children. 
He died December, 1896. 

1. William Washington, 1857. 

2. Escott, died in infancy. 

3. Francis Escott (Frank), married 
Maraquita Elizabeth Reed, have 
one son, Ralph. 

4. Herbert Froude. 

5. Ernest Legassicke, married in 1894, 
Hilda Fox, have three children, 
Charles, William, and Stephen. 

6. Lucy Rhys, married Stephen 

7. Philip P'roude, married 1897, Violet 

8. Leonard Rhys, married first cousin, 
once removed, the Hon. Alice Rice, 
have one boy, George. 

9. Charles Lascelles, married first 
cousin, Louisa Sweet Escott, two 
children, Mary and John Froude, died 

10. Edward Daubeny, married Flora 
Baring Gould, 1909. 

11. Arthur Prestwood, died in infancy. 

12. William Ilbert, married first cousin, 
Daisy Sweet Escott. 1, Ayliffe ; 
2, Prestwood. 

13. Geoffrey Woodhouse. 

REV. JOHN HANCOCK, died unmarried in 
1881, aged 69, Vicar of Hazelbury Plunkett. 



Extract from " The Times " newspaper, 
August 8th, 1904 :— 

" The King has sent his congratulations to 
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Crocker,* of Mount Nebo, 
Taunton, who recently celebrated the 70th 
anniversary of their wedding day, surrounded 
by all their children now living — one having 
come from Australia for the event — and many 
grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Both 
the old people, whose united ages total nearly 
188 years, are hale and hearty. They were 
born and have lived in Somerset almost the 
whole of their lives." 

Extract from " St. James's Gazette," Julv, 
1903 :— 

" The signatures to the Declaration of 
American Independence, which has just been 
ordered by a Committee to be kept under lock 
and key in a great fire and light-proof safe, are 
now scarcely legible, although the text can 
still be read. Only one or two of the signatures 
can be made out. There is only a trace of the 
autograph of John Hancock, the first to sign. 
The Committee, equipped with powerful 
microscopes, made a careful examination of the 
Declaration. It was found that the ink used 
was not of the first quality. The fact that the 
engrosser (now unknown to history) used a 
sharp pen and bore steadily on it accounted, 
in a measure, for the better preservation of the 
text as compared with the signatures. The 
great damage sustained, however, was in 1820, 
w^hen a copy was taken by the crude letterpress 

* My great-grandmother was Mary Crocker. She mar- 
ried Philip Hancock, who was born in 1739. — L.M.S. 

35 1198560 

Before signing the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, it is reported that John Hancock re- 
marked to Alexander Hamilton, " We must all 
hang together," and that he replied, "Yes, or 
we shall all be hanged separately." 

Tablets in Wiveliscombe Church : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Philip Hancock, 

of Ford, in this Parish, who died 19th day of 

April, 1838, aged 72 years, 

and of 

P'rances, his Wife, daughter of Rev. John 

Mogridge, Vicar of Holne, in the County of 

Devon, who died the 17th day of May, 

1858, aged 84 years " 

" In memory of William Hancock, 

Who died 19th day of January 1849, 

in the 80th year of his age. 

" His public life was full of useful deeds, and 

his private life was a pattern of simplicity and 

goodness ; his benevolent character endeared 

him to all around, and his many virtues were 

honoured by universal esteem. His body was 

taken to his resting-place in this Church, 

amidst every mark of respect that the living 

can bestow upon the dead. 

This monument has been erected by a 
public subscription in testimony of his deeds of 
usefulness and acts of charity." 

" To the glory of God, and in loving memory of 
William Hancock, of Court House, 
in this parish. 
Born Aug. 20, 1810 ; died, Dec. 2, 1896. 
"This tablet is erected by public subscrip- 
tion in testimony of the esteem and regard 
in which he was held by all classes," 


I. JOHN,* in Holy Orders, Vicar of Holne, 
instituted 1771, -^ind" Combinteignhead, 1782, 
married MARGARET Aysheford, daughter of 
Thomas Froude, of Edmestone, and had 
three children. 

1. Elisabeth Froude, born 1773, died 
in infancy. 

2. Frances, born 1774, married 1808, 
Philip Ha\xock, of Ford (his 2nd 
wife), died 1858. 

3. John, born 1777, died May 21, 1796, 
at Oxford. 

II. JAMES, of Ashburton, married Grace, 
daughter of ROBERT Palk and Frances 
Abraham. Grace Palk had previously 
married the Rev. John Tripe, Vicar of 
Ashburton. J AMES took the name Swete on 
succeeding to the Estate of Oxton, on the death 
of his cousin, Mrs. SwETE. They had five 

1. Robert Palk, married Mary daughter 
of Berry, one son Robert. 

2. John, married — Stone, two daughters. 

3. James, died unmarried. 

4. Walter Palk, died unmarried. 

5. Mary, married Benjamin Parham. 

Governor of Madras, Bart., &c., married 
Anne, daughter of Arthur Vansittart, Esq., 
and had four children. 

1. Lawrence, his successor in the 
Baronetcy, whose son was created 
Lord Haldon. 

2. Anne, married Sir Bouchier Wrey. 

3. Catherine, died unmarried. 

4. Amelia, died young. 

The Livings of Holne and Combinteignhead 
were given to the Rev. John Mogridge by his 
College friend. Sir Bouchier Vv^rey, who was 
afterwards Godfather to his son. He appears 
to have held these Livings together. 

* The Eev. John Mogridge was Margaret Hancock's great 














ary=E. P. Squarey. 
B. 1823. 
M. 1854. 


Robert Eclwai 



(Extract from a letter of A. T. Squai ev, dated 
May 9th, 1893, to Mr. Bartlett, of Liverpool.) 
" The Squarey family lived several genera- 
tions at Teignmouth and Shaldon, Devon, 
and were Mariners or Merchants trading to 
Newfoundland (chiefly) and to other parts of 
the world. It is said they are descended from 
a French family named ' Carre,' who were 
driven from Portou by the religious persecu- 
tion, and, in England, changed their French 
name, as so many of the Huguenots did, into 
an English equivalent. A branch of the family 
are settled in Newfoundland, an off-shoot of 
the Devonshire stock."* 

Copy of register in the Register Book in Salis- 
bury Cathedral, parish of The Close. 

"28 August 1807. Robert Squarey of the 
Parish of St. Thomas, Salisbury, Mary Ann 
Beale of this Parish. 

" Edward Moore, Vicar. 
" Witnesses 

" Mary Beale. 
" Charles Beale." 
This was the father of Elias P. Squarey. 
One hundred years after, Ralph Sydney Pitts 
Carver was married in Salisbury Cathedral to 
Gertrude Mary ]\Ialden, of the Parish of The 
Close, June 1st, 1907, great grandson of 
Robert Squarey above. 

* The Squarey family were settled at Teignmouth in 
the latter part of the 17th century.— L.M.S. 



B. 1739 1 

Drowucd. Ship 

D. 18S1. D. 1811. 

iiilli.Tii,., M»rK«ivl KH« 

ii=Con9tancc Moclurc. Enipst. Frouilo. 

Leopold Hancock Baillic. Editli Augusta Bo™ Ward Olii'or. Duman Hayf.i 

D. 1900. B. 1S99. 



(Extract from a letter of A. T. Squai ev, dated 
May 9th, 1893, to Mr. Bartlett, of Liverpool.) 
" The Squarey family lived several genera- 
tions at Teignmouth and Shaldon, Devon, 
and were Mariners or Merchants trading to 
Newfoundland (chiefly) and to other parts of 
the world. It is said they are descended from 
a French family named * Carre,' who were 
driven from Portou by the religious persecu- 
tion, and, in England, changed their French 
name, as so many of the Huguenots did, into 
an English equivalent. A branch of the family 
are settled in Newfoundland, an off-shoot of 
the Devonshire stock."* 

Copy of register in the Register Book in Salis- 
bury Cathedral, parish of The Close. - 

"28 August 1807. Robert Squarey of the 
Parish of St. Thomas, Salisbury, Mary Ann 
Beale of this Parish. 

" Edward Moore, Vicar. 
" Witnesses 

" Mary Beale. 
" Charles Beale." 
This was the father of Elias P. Squarey. 
One hundred years after, Ralph Sydney Pitts 
Carver was married in Salisbury Cathedral to 
Gertrude Mary Maiden, of the Parish of The 
Close, June 1st, 1907, great grandson of 
Robert Squarey above. 

* The Squarey family were settled at Teignmouth in 
the latter part of the 17th century. — L.M.S. 



ROBERT SQUAREY (1.), married Mary 
BiCKFORD, and had one son. 

ROBERT SQUAREY (II.), married Agnes 
Braddox, and had seven children. 

1. Joanna, born 1714, married Stephen 
f Tucker. 

2. Agnes, born 1716, married Nicholas 
Watts. Had one son, Nicholas. 

3. William. 

4. Robert (III.), born 1719, married Amy 

5. Timothy, born 1722, died at Lima, 

6. John, born 1728. 

7. Mary, born . Married William 
Pitts, 1st, Mariner, 1776 ; one son, 
William, married — Mutton. 2nd, 
Thomas Mathews, one daughter, Jane 
Pitts, married C. Warren, 

ROBERT SQUAREY (III.), married Amy 
Tozer, and had four children. 

1. Robert (IV.), married, 1st, Agnes Pitts, 
marriage settlement dated 7/3/1772, and 
had three children. He died about 

2. William, ? married Elizabeth — , and 
had six children (Newfoundland 

3. Elizabeth, married — Robins. 

4. Timothy, married Elizabeth Brewer. 
Had two children, Mary and Eliza- 
beth. Mary married Thomas Waye ; 
had one son, James. Elizabeth died 


ROBERT SQUAREY (IV.),* married Agnes 
Pitts, marriage settlement dated 1772. Had 
four children. 

1 . Maria Pitts, married Andrew Griffin 
COARD Tucker, D.C.L., of Ashburton. 
Had five ch'ildren. 

2. Robert (V.), born 1779, married Mary 
Beale, who died September 25th, 1831. 
He died October 12th, 1851. They 
had ten children. 

3. Ann, married, 1st, Dr. Newell Vicary ; 
born October 27th, 1776. 2nd, 
Charles Bird, Barrister, who died at 
Ashburton, 1 856. Ann Bird died 1 859. 

ROBERT SQUAREY (V.), born at Teign- 
mouth, in Bitton Street, 1779; died in 1851. 
Married Mary Beale, who died in 1831 ; had 
ten children. Lived at Salisbury and Coombe 
Bissett from 1801. 

1. Robert (VI.), born in 1808, died un- 
married fn 1835. 

2. Charles, born in 1809, married Jane 
Eliza Elwall. He died in 1846 ; 
she died 'in 1865. They had seven 

3. COARD William, born 1811, married 
Mary Kingdon Bavy, of Heavitree, 
Exeter. He died in 1893. She died 
in 1898 (January). 

4. Newell Vicary, born 1813, died 
unmarried 1891. 

5. Agnes, born 1815, died 1822. 

6. Mary, born 1817, married Edward 
Hodding who died in 1848. Had 
three children. She died in 1902. 

*The portrait inoilsof Eobert Sqiiarey (IV.) hangsover the 
Mantelpiece of the small Drawing- Eoom at The Moot. It 
was painted at Florence. E.P.S.'s grandfather; L.M.S.'s 
great grandfather.— L.M.S. 

7. Anne Bird, born 1819, married 
Frederick Axford. He died in 1905. 
She died in 1903. 

8. Andrew Tucker, born 1821, married 
1st, Georgiana Catherine Elwall. 
She died in 1849. Had one daughter. 
2nd, Eleanor Catherine Fulton. 
They had nine children. He died in 

9. Elias Pitts, born 1823, married 
Lavinia Mary Tucker. Had seven 

10. Agnes, born 1825, married Hamilton 
H. Fulton. He died in 1890. Had 
eight children. 

CHARLES SQUAREY, married Jane Eliza 
Elwall. He died April 6th, 1846, aged 36. 
She died February 16th, 1865, aged 52. Had 
seven children. 

1. Mary Georgiana, died young. 

2. Alice, died 20th June, 1854, aged 19. 

3. Maria Jane, married 1st, Dr. Henry 
Leeson. He died 1872. 2nd, Captain 
Roche, R.N. Two children (boys). 
She died October 20th, 1882. He died 

4. Gertrude, married Henry Good. 
Had one son. Shot in America. 

5. Helen, married Dr. Horace Jeaffre- 
SON, died 1905. They adopted Captain 
Roche's two sons, De Rupe, born 1880, 
and Maurice, born 1881. 

6. Robert, died unmarried, January 23rd, 
1877, aged 35. 

7. Charles, died unmarried 1875, aged 32, 

All these are biiried in Stratford Churchyard, except 
Maria Jane Eoche, who is bviried with her husband in the 
Cemetery, Ventnor, and Helen Jeaffreson, who is biuried at 


MARY SQUAREY, marned Edward J'^t/Z/ie/^ 
HODDING, in 1840, and had three chilcjren. ^O^W^ /y*^ 
afift^lccJ She died 1902. He died 1848.^^^ '^^^^'^'^ ^^fm^^al^^^y 

1. Mary Agnes, born 1843. <7^ ^^^ ^''^"^^^t 

2. Henry, born July, 1844.V^/^ .^^^ 

3. Kate, born 1845. "^"^ur/^^ ra^'^y 

Thomas'!1Boothby. .He died 1885. She, 
died 1907. ^ ,^i^.:^«A;^...^^^^-^^?V^^ 

1. GuY^orn in AustraHa, 1865,' married 

RosiE Alice Bristowe, 1895. Had/ ^/y/'^/' /^''-^^^ 
three children. Died 1905. Author. >^^ y^r^/C 

2. Benjamin, born in Aiistraha, 1870, >6i^a/^^^V//^«^ 
married Kate Bygrave, 1897^«^^/V«\ i"^^ .«/.«,< 

Robert Cecil, born in AustraH- X^ni^^^-^^"^ 

EN ^ H^u^f^ 

1872, married Constance Ellen ^ ^^^tVy^*^^ 

'^j^JJ HENRY HODDING, married Edith /^i^^^^ 

Caroline Marchant, and has three children, 

1. William Marchant ] born in 1890. ^-^y / 

2. Mary Marchant j Twins. /^i*^ 

3. Edward Marchant, born in 1891./^;f^;^y,/ f;f^ 

first, in 1846, Georgiana Catherine Elwall, 
and had one daughter. He died 29th April, 

1. Georgiana Catherine, born 1849, 

married William Hope, and has four 


Andrew Tucker Squarey married secondly 

(1852) Eleanor Catherine Fulton, and 

had eleven children. 

1. Tucker Fulton, born 1852, married 
Elizabeth Ethel Perrin, and has 
three children. 


2. Edith Eleanor, born 1853, married 
David MacIver, M.P., and has eleven 
children. He died 1908. 

3. Agnes died in infancy. 

4. Maud Frances, born 1856, married 
Thomas Gilbert Carver, K.C, and 
has eight children. He died 1906. 

5. Miriam died aged nine. 

6. Arthur Fulton, born 1859, married 
Clara Madeline Jones. 

7. Elaine died in infancy. 

8. Mary Ethel, born 1862, married 
5i/^ William Calthorpe Thorne. 

9. Lancelot, born 1863, married Theo- 
, - / 'II ^ dosia Margaret Hilda Acheson, 

%^l ^^ -/^ born 1870. 3^-/r=^-^-^/^ 

''■ ^ 10. Leonie Mabel, born 1865, married 

Philip Arthur Houghton, and has 
two children. 
11. Hermann died in infancy. 

ELIAS PITTS SQUAREY married Lavinia 
Mary Tucker, 1854, and had seven children. 

1. Lavinia Mary, born 1856, married 
Sydney Henton Carver, 1879. He 
died 1907. 

2. Louisa Alice, born 1858, married 
Archibald Fitzgerald Lau^, 1883, 
Judge, Cyprus and Malay States. 
Created Knight Bachelor, 1908. 

3. Agnes Marion, born 1860, married, 
first, Edmond Herbert Thomas, 1893. 
He died in 1894. Second, Rev. John 
Howard Swinstead, 1898. She died 

4. Robert Charles Coard Pitts, born 
1862, died at Colorado Springs, in 1884, 
aged 22. 

5. Ruth Legassicke, born 1863. 

6. Newell William Pitts, born 1865, 
married ELINOR Kate Miles, 1897. 

7. Margaret, born 1866, died 1882. 



^ AGNES married Hamilton Henry Fulton, 

: .jjt and had ten children. 
'\ /^^- 1. Hamilton, born 1848, married, 1879, 

*"' ■ J\aY' Rosa Koberwein, and had four chil- 
dren — Hamilton, Agnes (married M. E. 
Hampton, 1905, Rosa, George. 

2. Agnes, born 1849, died 1902, married 
Jonathan Carr, 1878, had two sons 
—Horace Fulton, born 1874, died 1900 ; 
Jonathan Fulton, born 1875. 

3. Mary, born 1851, married Richardson 
Carr. One daughter, Catherine, born 
1881. Mary died 1894. 

4. Robert, born 1853, married Emily 
]0ICEY, had three children — Muriel, 
born 1889; Robert, born 1890 ; Eve- 
line, born 1893. -. 

5. Eveline died young. 

6. Harry died in infancy. 

7. COARD William, born 1858, married 
Mabel Gossage, 1882, has two 
daughters — Mabel Gossage, born 1883 ; 

8. Ethel Alice, born 1862. 

9. Catherine, born 1866, married, 1892, 
to Dr. James Brown, has three chil- 
dren — Agnes, born 1893 ; Andrew 
Cranston, born 1895 ; Catherine, born 

10. Rennie Kingdon, born 1864, acci- 
dentally drowned in Ceylon, 1888. 

Copy of a Paper written by Andrew Tucker 
Squarey at Coombe, dated March 31st, 1850, 
evidently from notes of a conversation with 
his father, Robert Squarey, who died in 1851, 
sent to L.M.S.byGeorgiana Hope in 1901, after 
her father's death. 


" Father remarked on the strong hkeness 
between me and the picture of his father.* 
That picture used to hang in his Grandmother 
Pitts' room. He reinembered it 65 years ago ; 
it was painted at Florence. His father was 
a short man. He was engaged in New- 
foundland trade, sailing his own ships there, 
where he took in a cargo of fish, togk it to the 
West Indies, Spain, or Portugal, and returned 
thence to England with fruits, &c. 

" His Grandmother Pitts died in 1792, aged 
90, when father was 12 years old. Her maiden 
name was Bickford — a tall old woman, white 
hair, retained all her faculties, used to go to 
Church (at Teignmouth) every Sunday in a 
Sedan chair, which father walked by the side 
of. Recollects hearing her say how, in her school 
days, she had onoe taken eight potatoes to her 
Mistress as a present, then a very great rarity. 
Her husband, Elias Pitts, of Teignmouth, died 
many years before her. He died suddenly 
whilst on the Grand Jury at Exeter, going up 
the steps to the Castle. The old china in the 
little room at Coombe was her Wedding China, t 
" Old Stephen Tucker, of Teignmouth, great 
grandfather to Robert Tucker, of Ashburton, 
father remembers well. William Tucker, his 
son, was a Newfoundland merchant. Andrew 
Griffin Coard, and William, were William's two 
sons, who lived with their grandfather, Stephen, 
whilst their father was on his voyages. They 
were playfellows of my father, and used to 
shoot together, and keep rabbits, &c. Old 
Stephen used to sit before the fire with a cocked 
hat on, and went to bed at nine. Boys, 
wishing to get him to bed, used to put the 

* Now at The Moot.— L.M.S. 

t This is bro-wn Oriental china, and some of it is at The 
Moot, having been bought by E.P.S. on the death of Jane 
Sqviarey, the widow of liis brother, Charles Squarey. — L.M.S. 


clock on an hour, and then tell him how late it 
was. When he was gone, they sat up and 
picked and roasted the birds they had shot by 
a string in front of the fire. Sometimes they 
would coax him for a shilling, and if he 
refused, they got a kettle and drummed it with 
a stick in his ears until he consented. Of these 
boys, William became a sailor, was taken pri- 
soner by the French, and compelled to sleep 
every night with a lunatic in a place so low 
that they could not sit upright. He was taken 
to a Spanish port, was soon exchanged, u-alked 
through Spain with a sable fox skin for father's 
sister, Maria Tucker, and^his sister-in-law, over 
his shoulder. He afterwards sailed from New- 
foundland, and the ship was never heard of. 

" Andrew Griffin Coard became an Attorney, 
practised at Ashburton, and built the house 
there. Married, first, Maria Pitts Squarey, 
father's sister, very talented. Died in London, 
after his second wife's death, and is buried at 
the Savoy Churchyard, Strand." 



Newfoundland Branch.* 

WILLIAM, second son of Robert (III.) and 

Amy Tozer, married Elizabeth , and 

had six children. 

1. John, Lieut. R.N., drowned. 

2. Robert, born 1778, married in New- 
foundland 17th August, 1810, to Sarah 
Parsons. Had six children. He died 
December 25th, 1828. She died in 

3. William, married Mary Ann Coster, 
and had four children. Sailing Master, 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Charles, married Harriott Lott. 
Lieut. R.N. 

6. Henry, married in Newfoundland. 

ROBERT, born 1778, married Sarah 
Parsons, and had six children. Newfound- 
land, St. John's. 

1. Francis Charles, died in infancy. 

2. Elizabeth, died young. 

3. Robert Parsons, died in infancy. 

4. Sarah Amy Tozer, married Henry 
Knight, had three children. In New- 
foundland. Died 1904, aged 87. 

5. Robert. Sailor, drowned at sea. 

6. William, born January 9th, 1824, died 
May 16th, 1869; married Mary Ann 
Rydall, February 20th, 1845, and had 
six children. 

* This is copied from a Pedigree sent by R. T. Squarey 
from Newfoundland, 1900, to E. P. Squarey.— L.M.S. 


WILLIAM, third son of William and 
Elizabeth Squarey, married Mary Ann 
Coster, and had four chidren. 

1. Hannah Coster, married James 

2. Susannah. 

3. Harriett married Henry Scar- 
borough, had three children.* 

4. Mary Ann Coster, married Jacob 
Bartlett, had two children, both dead. 
Secondly (1855), Rev. Samuel Harvey, 
had one daughter, Agnes, who is 
married to the Rev. H. GODDEN, Bram- 
shaw Vicarage, Hants, 1901. 

CHARLES, fourth son of William and 
Elizabeth Squarey, married Harriett Lott. 

HENRY, fifth son of William and Elizabeth 
Squarey, married in Newfoundland, Traded 
to Europe. 

SARAH AMY TOZER, daughter of Robert 
and Sarah Squarey, St. John's, Newfoundland, 
married Henry Knight, and had three children. 
She died in 1904, aged 87, in Newfoundland. 

1. Leall, married GEORGE Evans. 

2. Emma, unmarried. 

3. Lemuel, married. 

WILLIAM, born 1824 in Newfoundland, 
married, 1845, Mary Anne Rydall, and had 
three children. 

1. Robert Thomas, born 1845, married 
1870, Caroline Higgins, had seven 

2. William Rydall, Co. Toronto, born 
1849, married Amy Woolfrey, 1875, 
had three daughters. 

3. Charles John, died in infancy. 

* One was the widow of a French Officer, 1901. 


ROBERT, THOMAS and Caroline 
Squarey, nee HiGGixs, married 1870, had 
seven children. 

1. Thomas Higgixs. 

2. William, married Elizabeth Moore, 
one daughter, Frances, 

3. Frederick Charles, married 

4. Arthur. 

5. Beatrice, died young. 

6. Edward Minroe. 

7. Bertram. 

ELIZABETH, daughter of Robert and 
Amy Tozer Squarey, married — Robins, and 
had three children. 

1. Philip. 

2. William. 

3. P , daughter. 

TIMOTHY, son of R. and A. T. Squarey, 
above, married Elizabeth Brewer, and had 
two children. 

1. Mary, married Thomas Waye, and 
had one son, James. 

2. Elizabeth, died unmarried. 


Andrew Tucker Squarey and G. C. Elwall, 
married 1870, William Hope, and had four 

1. Alaric, married 1908, Enid May 


2. Godfrey Tucker, died young, 1878. 

3. Margery. 

4. Geoffrey Doddleston. 

5. Bryan. 

EDITH, daughter of A. T. and E. C. 
Squarey, married David MacIver, M.P., in 
1874, and had eleven children. He died 1907. 

1. David, born 1875, married Marjorie 
Una Williams, 1906. 

2. Annie, born 1876, married Frank 
Archer, 1901. Children Erances, 
1902 ; Desmond, 1903 (died young). 

3. Andrew Tucker Squarey, born 1878, 
married Flora Crossthwaite, 1904. 

4. Margaret, born 1880, married S. 
Gatty, 1900. Norman, born 1902. 

5. Edith Eleanor, born 1882. 

6. Edward Squarey, born 1884. 

7. Ruth, born 1887, married Bertram 
Maurice Jager, 1907. 

8. Dorothy, born 1888. 

9. Lois, born 1890. 

10. Reginald Squarey, born 1892. 

11. Alan, born 1894. 

Andrew Tucker and Eleanor Catherine 
Squarey, married Ethel Elizabeth Perrin, 
June, 1883, and had three children. 

1. Eleanor Fulton, born 1884. 

2. Robert Owen, born 1886. 

3. Owen Newell, born 1891, 


MAUD, daughter of A. T. and E. C. 
Squarey, married Thomas G. Carver, K.C, 
and had eight children. He died 1906. 

1. Gilbert Squarey, born 1879. 

2. Catherine Fulton, born 1881. 

3. MiTA Drinkwater, born 1882, married 
1904, Reginald Morgan Smith. 

4. Edmond Tucker, born 1884. 

5. Thomas Drinkwater, born 1886. 

6. Phillis Maud, born 1888. 

7. Stella Clifton, born 1893. 

8. Julian Creswell, born 1898. 

ARTHUR FULTON, married C. M. Jones. 

ETHEL MARY, married W. Calthrop 

Phillip Houghton, has two children. 

1. Philip Squarey, born 1893. 

2. Katherine Fulton, born 1896. 

DosiA Margaret Hilda Acheson, and has 

1. Audrey Theodosia Madelaine, born 

2. Arthur, born 1904. 

Sydney Henton Carver in 1879, and had 
seven children. (Daughter of Elias Pitts and 
Lavinia Mary Squarey). 

1. Sydney Ralph Pitts, born in 1880 ; 
married 1908 Gertrude Mary Malden 
—son 1909. 

2. Oliver Charles, born 1884, died 1885. 

3. Cristabel Margaret, born 1886. 

4. Sylvia Ruth, born 1890. 

5. Miriam Agnes, born 1891. 

6. Margaret, born 1893. 

7. Felix, born 1896. 


Archibald FitzGerald Law in 1883, and 
had four children. 

1. Sarah Margaret FitzGerald, born 

2. Mary Harriet, born 1888. 

3. Archibald FitzGerald, born 1897. 

4. Edward FitzGerald, born 1898, 

first, Edmond Herbert Thomas in 1893. 
He died 1894. Second, the Rev. John 
Howard Swixstead, 1898. She died Sep- 
tember 22nd, 1899. 


SQUAREY, married Elinor Augusta Kate 
Miles in 1897, and have 

1. Denys Newell Pitts, born October 
9th, 1898. 

2. COARD Miles, born September 10th, 

3. Philip, born January 30th, 1904. 

4. Stephen Henry, born April 6th, 1906. 

"Teignmouth, September 23rd, 1858. 

Sir, — I have sent you the Register of Bap- 
tisms of the name Squarey, which I should 
before, but I have been ill. 
Joan, was baptised in the year 1714\ Sons and 
Agnes, „ „ 1716 daughters 

Robert, „ „ 1719 1 of Robert 

Timothy, „ „ 1722 and Agnes 

John, „ „ 1728/ Squarey. 

Jane, daughter of John and Jane Squarey, 
baptised in the year 1732. Thomas, baptised 
in the year 1736. 

Robert, son of William and Elizabeth 
Squarey, was baptised in the year 1778. 

Robert, son of Robert and Agnes Squarey, 
was baptised in the year 1780. 


Mary Squarey, was married to William Pitts, 
a Mariner, in the year 1776. 

Charles Squarey was married to Harriett 
Lett, by licence. He was Lieutenant in the 
Royal Navy.* 

Those dates I have mentioned are the earliest 
that our Register Books will give. I cannot 
find nothing of the marriage of the first names, 
Robert and Agnes Square}-. 

Sir, I hope some of them are to your satis- 

Yours respectfully, 

John Back, 
Parish Clerk of West Teignmouth. 

To Coard W. Squarey, Esqre." 

An Oval Memorial Tablet in West Teign- 
mouth Church, copied by L.M.S., April 12th, 
1901 :— 


of this place. Died 24th January, 1799. 

Aged 56 years. 

" Her children raise this stone as a slight 
memorial of their strong filial affection, for 
that affection, supported by esteem, will only 
diminish with the power of tracing the occur- 
rences of this state of Human Existence." 

Copy of a Tablet Memorial in West Teign- 
mouth Church, Devon : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mr. Elias Pitts, 
many years a respectable Merchant of this 
place, who died January 18th, 1765, aged 65. 
And also of Mrs. Mary Pitts, his wife, who 
died April 22nd, 1792, aged 90. 

"This tributary tablet of filial duty and 
affection to the best of parents, is inscribed 
and erected by their surviving offspring. 
May 18th, 1792. 

"They were united in life and in death they 
were not divided. 

"Their works shall praise them." 
* No date.— L.M.S. 




PITTS, married had two sons. 

*1. John, married Mary Bickford, and 

had four children. 
2. Samuel. ? Father of John Pitts, of 
West Teignmouth. Will dated 1769. 
Married Betty , and left his pro- 
perty to her. She lived at St. Thomas', 
Exeter. After her death, his nephew 
Samuel took the property. 

*JOHN (above), married Mary Bickford, 
and had four children. 
1. Ann. 

*2. Elias, married Mary Bickford, 
January 6th, 1724, and had eight 

3. Samuel. ? Father of John, men- 
tioned in an old Deed dated 25th Sep- 
tember, 1779 (in the possession of Mr. 
Jordan, of East Teignmouth). 

4. Mary. 

Childpen of Elias and Many Pitts. 

1. Ann, married Moses Tozer. Had 
one daughter, Ann. 

2. Mary, married, first, Samuel Pierce, 
and had two children ; second, the 
Rev. Charles Lock, Vicar of North 
Bovey, South Devon. 

3. Joanna, married Richard Brewer, 
Lieutenant R.N., and had three chil- 

4. Elias. ? Grandfather of William 
Timothy Squarey Pitts, who died in 
1825, aged 45. 

5. BiCKFORD, unmarried, drowned in 

6. Evan, died unmarried, 

*7. Agnes, married ROBERT Squarey, 
March 7th, 1772. 
8. Maria, married Michael Whidborne. 

ANN PITTS, married MosES Tozer, and 
had one daughter, Ann. 

MARY, married Rev. Samuel Pierce, and 
had two children. Married secondly the Rev. 
C. Lock, Vicar of North Bovey, Devon. 

1. Mary, married George Eastlake, of 
Plymouth, and had six children. 

2. Ann. 

Note. — Mary Pitts, wife of Elias Pitts, possessed a gold 
chain of a very small pattern. It is said to have been 
three yards long, and on her death was divided between 
her five daughters. Through her daughter Agnes, who 
married Eobert Squarey, one portion descended to her 
daughter, Ann Bird, and from her to L.M.S., who wears it 
with her eye glasses. She has been told that it is a Maltese 
chain, 18-carat gold. Another portion was in the possession 
of Maria Elizabeth Shorto, daughter of A. G. C. Tucker, 
through her mother. — L.M.S. 

N.B. — In L.M.S.'s possession is the wedding ring of Elias 
and Mary Pitts, with the date, "Jany. 6, 1724. P. 
and two hearts entwined. E. M." 

Elias Pitts died suddenly, January 18th, 1765, on the 
steps of The Castle, Exeter, where he was summoned on the 
Grand Jmy. He was Justice of the Peace for the county 
of Devon. 

Elias and Mary Pitts were the great grandparents of 
E.P.S., and the great great grandparents of L.M.S. 


Children of Mary and George Eastlake. 

1. William. 

2. Shute. 

3. George. 

4. John. 

5. Mary. 

6. Charles Lock, married 

. He was an Artist, and 
was created Sir Charles Eastlake, Presi- 
dent of R.A. 


Children of Joanna and Richard Brewer (3) 
Lieut. R.N. 

1. Elizabeth, married John Ley, and 
had live children. 

2. Richard, unmarried, drowned in the 
West Indies. 

3. Elias Pitts, died unmarried, Captain 

Ley, and had live children. 

1. Richard, died young. 

2. John. 

3. Richard. 

4. Joanna. 

5. Elizabeth, married Jacques Ami Le 
FORESTIER, and had live children. 

Note. — Elias Pitts Brewer was Godfather to Elias Pitts 
Squarey, and left him his Grandiuother's Wedding Ring. 
Also a gold ring of the 16th Centtu-y, Austrian Noble's Arms. 
This Ring much resembles Shakespeare's Ring, preserved 
at Stratford-on-Avon in Shakespeare's House, and is a 
genuine 16th Century Ring. — L.M.S. 


Children of Jacques and Elizabeth Le 

1. Jacques, married 

2. Ami. 

3. Emelie. 

4. Hester. 

5. Henri. 

6. Alfred. 

7. Brewer. 

8. Pitts. 

Captain Elias Pitts Brewer, brother of Eliza- 
beth Ley, nee Brewer, above, had a deep im- 
pression when sailing in the Mediterranean that 
his first cousin, Maria Pitts Squarey, married 
to Dr. Andrew C. G. Tucker, D.C.L., was dead. 
He was so impressed by this feeling that he 
noted the day and hour in his Log Book. On 
reaching England he found that she had died 
at the time he had made the entry (1821). He 
was very much attached to his cousin. 



In Stokenham Churchyard, in the parish of 
Slapton Lea, South Devon, are the following : — 

" Harriett Elliott, daughter of Philip and 
Elizabeth Prettyman Loye of Widdecombe, in 
this parish, who departed this life, 4 May, 
1842. Aged 111 years 111 days." 

'' Nicholas Pitts of South Allington, in the 
parish of Chivelstone." 

" Winifred Pitts, aged 90. A Monument in 
the Church. Died 1840." 

In the Churchyard of Stokenham : — 

"In remembrance of Anne Elizabeth Cole, 

wife of William Pitts, of Muckwell. Died 

1884, aged 42." 

" William Elliott Pitts, of Shute, Bishop- 
steignton, died 1845." 

" Nicholas Prettyjohn Pitts, of Muckwell in 
this Parish, died 1890." 

"John Pitts, died 1847, married Catherine 

"Sarah Pitts, died 1878." 

Note. — The above is copied from my Sketch Book, where 
I had entered it when on a visit to Slapton Lea, in 
October, 1892.— L.M.S. 

Copy of a Tombstone in West Teignmouth 

In memory of William Timothy Squarey Pitts, 
who died April 5, 1825. Aged 45 years. 

of Lucretia Mary, his daughter, who died Jany, 
10, 1824. Aged 10 years. 


Sent me by Mr. Jordan, Solicitor, Teign- 

In an old Deed, dated Sept. 25th, 1779, are 
the following names : — 

"Betty Pitts of St. Thomas the Apostle, 
Exeter, Devon, Widow, Devisee, and Executrix 
of John Pitts, late of East Teignmouth, Mer- 

" Samuel Pitts of St. Thomas the Apostle, 
Mariner, was nephew and heir at law of the 
said John Pitts." 

The uncle of the above-named John Pitts, 
who was also called John Pitts, is described of 
West Teignmouth, Merchant ; made his will, 
dated 13th October, 1769, and left everything 
to his wife, Betty. 



In a Bible at Ashburton, belonging to R. C. 
Tucker, printed 1620, is the following entry : — 

"Feb. 14th, 1645. Then was baptised 
Joane, daughter of John and Alice Crewse." 



From a Bible,* now belonging to R. C, 
Tucker, at Ashburton : — 

" Feby. 11, 1678. Then was baptised 

Margaret, daughter of William and Margaret 

Hore, and departed this life 11 January, 

1749, having had by her husband, William 
Coard, seven children." 

GEORGE COARD married f Margaret 
Hore, and had William Coard. He died in 

* WILLI AM COARD, married Margaret 
Hore and had seven children, died 1749. 

1. IGeorge, Captain, R.N. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Alice. 

5. Christian married Alan Griffin, 
Mariner, had one daughter, Elizabeth. 

6. William, born December 28th, 1712. 

7. Mary. 

In the same Bible, in the same writing, is 
the following entry : — 

"April 27, 1725. Then died George 
Coard, Grandfather of George and William 

Note. — * This Bible contains a pedigree from Adam to our 

t William and Margaret Hore were L.M.S.'s great-great- 
great-great-grandfather and grandmother. 

X Note. — The portrait of George Coardj in oils, in Naval 
uniform of the period, hangs over the sideboard in the 
dining-room at Ashburton. — L.M.S. 



*CHRISTIAN COARD married Alan 
Griffin, Mariner, and had one daughter. 
1. Elizabeth. 

* Note. — The small portrait of Alan Grriffin, mariner, in 
cocked hat and sword, is at Ashbnrton, and hangs, I 
believe, in Eobert Coard Tucker's dressing-room. — L.M.S. 



Copied from a Bible, dated 1787. 
(At Ashburton.) 

ELIZABETH GRIFFIN, married William 
Tucker, 1776 ; date of marriage settlement, 
1776. William Tucker there described as 
"only son and heir." They had two sons : — 

married Maria Pitts Squarey, and had five 
children. First wife died May 11th, 1821, 
aged 48. 

1. COARD William, born Sept. 9, 1800; 
died 1811. 
t2. Robert, born 20th July, 1802; died 

3. Charles, born 25th Nov., 1805 ; died 
June 28th, 1827 ; unmarried. 

4. Ann Tozer, born 8th Sept., 1807 ; 
died Dec. 7th, 1836. 

5. Maria Elizabeth, born 11th April, 

(Signed : " A. G. C. TUCKER, 

"22nd April, 1816.") 

* Note. — Court Leet and Law Day, Ashburton, Andrew 
Griffin Coard Tucker is first mentioned in the Court Book in 
the Roll for 1812, when he acted as Steward for Lord Clinton. 
Since that date to the present time (1906) his son and 
grandson have had their names entered as attending and 
alternately presiding at the Courts of the Borough. 
Robert Coard Tucker presided at the last Court Leet held 
November 22nd, 1906.— L.M.S. 

t Note — On the day of the receipt of the news of 
the Battle of Waterloo, June 1815, my father and grand- 
father had ridden to Exeter — twenty miles. On hearing 
the news mygiandfather bade my father — then just thirteen 
years old — to ride back to Ashburton immediately, quickly. 
He did so, and spread the news through the towns and 
hamlets he passed on his twenty-mile ride, and galloped 
through the streets of Ashburton crying out the good news. 
The excitement was tremendous, of course, and the crowd 
tried to dismount him from his pony and chair him 
shoulder high. " Let us chair Master Robert," they said. 
I have heard my father tell the story, and add, " I gave a 
good cut to my pony and galloped home." — L.M.S. 


He secondly married Harriet Luke, and 
had one daughter, Lavinia Nugent, born 
about 1828. His second wife died about 

2. WILLIAM, "Merchant and Mariner." 
Lost at sea, returning from Newfoundland. 

William Tucker (son of William Tucker, 
of Teignmouth, whose marriage settlement is 
dated 1776, and is there described as only son 
and heir, a merchant and mariner. He took 
his ships to Newfoundland for a cargo of salt 
fish, and from thence to Spain for fruits, &c. 
During the French War* he was taken prisoner 
with his ship, and passing Dartmouth Harbour 
he prayed one of the French officers to allow 
him to waive his handkerchief out of the port- 
hole of his cabin in which he was confined, 
in order to attract the attention of the 
authorities on land, offering his gold sleeve 
links as a bribe for conferring this favour. It 
was, of course, refused. Arriving in France, 
he was chained to a lunatic in a cell so low 
that they could not stand upright. His 
sufferings were great, but at length he was 
released on parole, before being exchanged. 
He there met a lady who fell in love with him, 
but this was not returned. On reaching Devon 
safely, he continued his life of seamanship and 
merchandise. Many years after, being in 
Spain, he again came across the lady he had 

* It is interesting here to relate that during this war many 
French officers were confined in Dartmoor prison. After- 
wards released on parole, many of them lived at Ashburton, 
and became friends of my father. He has shown me the 
milestones aboiit a mile each side of the town which were 
the boundaries, beyond which they might not go. — L.M.S. 


known during his imprisonment, who had 
then become Abbess of a Convent. On 
hearing he had a wife in Devon, she loaded 
him with gifts for her, and among them were 
some valuable silks and brocades which are 
still in our family. This William Tucker was 
afterwards lost at sea on his voyage from